Mei Wu, “Effects of VFD’s on Roof-top Air Handling Unit Noise and Vibration Control”, Presented at March Meeting of ASHRAR San Jose Chapter (2003).


ASHRAE Announcement


Mei Wu will give a presentation at the March meeting of ASHRAE San Jose Chapter.

Date: March 11, 2003

Place: The Blue Pheasant Restaurant, Cupertino


In the presentation, Mei Wu will discuss the effects of variable frequency drives (VFD’s) on the noise and vibration control strategies for roof-top air handling systems.  For systems equipped with VFD’s some costly traditional noise control measures are no longer necessary, but some new issues come up which requires attention.  She will explain the major causes for excessive noise and vibration, list possible cost-saving items, and give practical guidelines.  She will concentrates on laboratory buildings, medical buildings, and educational buildings, but will also address some issues related with auditoriums and recording studios.