Abstract for INTER-NOISE 99





INCE Subject Classification: 55, 14


Michael GENDREAU, Mei WU, Colin Gordon & Associates,


ABSTRACT: This paper summarizes the authors’ experience in modeling and controlling environmental noise from more than 30 semiconductor manufacturing plants ("wafer fabs") within the past five years. This type of facility typically has a large number of concentrated noise sources because of the unusually large amount of intake and circulation air required to maintain cleanroom conditions, the complex exhaust and pollution control equipment necessary to handle many specialty gases and chemical products, and high heating and cooling load requirements.

Furthermore, these facilities are most often located in populated areas, making noise control important, as well as challenging. Modeling and noise control details for specific types of equipment (make-up air and exhaust fans, cooling towers, ventilated boiler and chiller rooms, piping, valves, etc.), as well as other considerations--such as site building layout with respect to sensitive residential areas—are discussed. Typical examples of comprehensive multi-source wafer fab environmental noise projects, involving modeling, control, and verification measurements, are presented.