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The following are acoustical and vibration issues of educational buildings:

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Mei Wu Acoustics has worked on numerous projects at universities and schools nationwide. The following are a few recent academic projects.

John Paul II Catholic High School, Livermore CAJohn Paul II Catholic High School, Livermore, CA

This project included the design and construction of a new 200,000-square-foot high school, including several one to two-story buildings to house 50 classrooms, music education rooms, a theater, cafeteria, gymnasium, library, chapel, offices and other spaces. MWA was responsible for all aspects of acoustics.

UC San Diego Mayer Hall, CAUC San Diego Mayer Hall, CA

This project was a major renovation of the existing Mayer Hall building and an addition of 79,000 square feet of the building. The building had offices, classrooms, research and teaching laboratories with vibration and noise sensitive equipment. MWA was responsible for all aspects of acoustics and vibration.

Nativity Middle School Gymnasium, Menlo Park, CANativity Middle School Gymnasium, Menlo Park, CA

The gym was planned to host various sporting events, assemblies, and social gatherings. The room acoustics required additional absorption to reduce the reverberation while avoiding deadening the room too much. Using ray tracing simulations (CATT Acoustic), we were able to minimize the cost to the client but still achieve the desired speech intelligibility. The picture shows the simulated results of the reverberation time in the gymnasium.

University of the Pacific, Chambers Technology Center, Concord, CA

This project was a new 25,000-square-foot laboratory building housing two stories of labs, classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and mechanical systems. Our scope included MEP noise control; floor vibration for sensitive laboratory equipment; architectural noise separation for sensitive spaces such as the laboratories, classrooms, conference rooms and offices; interior acoustics for the 37-seat digital, electrical, and electronics studio classroom and 2 conference rooms.

Cal Poly SLO Science Center, San Luis Obispo, CA

This 6-story 173,000-square-foot steel-frame building includes classrooms, laboratories, administration spaces and laboratory support spaces. Classrooms, a main lobby and a mechanical room are on the first floor. Laboratories, lobbies and offices are on the higher floors. Mechanical systems are on the top floors and roof. MWA work included for the full range of architecture acoustics, mechanical system noise control, and floor vibration analyses.

University of Arizona, Drachman Hall, Tucson, AZ

MWA was the acoustics consultant for the large lecture halls in the building. The major work included room acoustics control, reverberation control, and acoustical treatment for the halls.

USF Kalmanovitz Hall Media Center, San Francisco, CA

This project had an audio studio, media lab, video demonstration and video production rooms adjacent to each other and a student lobby. It required significant sound isolation, extremely low background noise levels, uniform-field interior spaces with controlled reflections and HVAC noise control. MWA was responsible for all the acoustical issues.

UCSF Kalmanovitz Library, San Francisco, CA

Santa Clara University Residential Hall, Santa Clara, CA

UC Santa Barbara Nanotechnology Lab, Santa Barbara, CA

San Francisco State University, Hensill Hall, San Francisco, CA

University of Florida UF-202 Nanoscale Research Facility, Gainesville, FL

San Jose State University Success Center, San Jose, CA

Stanford University Astro Physics Building, Palo Alto, CA

Cal Poly SLO Science Center, San Luis Obispo, CA