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The following are typical acoustical and vibration issues associated with auditorium projects:

Typical CAD output images.

50% CD Ceiling Profile Comparison to Previous Design Speech Transmission Index Results 1. NC-30
(top) and 2. 45dBA voices (bottom) Suggested Absorptive Finishes on Rear Walls

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The following are a few examples of recent projects.

Gilead Auditorium, Foster City, CAGilead Auditorium, Foster City, CA

A 250-seat round auditorium that was equipped for audio/video broadcast was constructed in Foster City near SFO International Airport. Because the auditorium had such an unusual shape, unique solutions were needed to project natural voice to the entire audience while maintaining high speech intelligibility for both the local and remote audience. The auditorium was also isolated from the SFO airport noise as well as the rooftop HVAC system noise and vibration.

USF Kalmanovitz Hall Media Center, San Francisco, CAUSF Kalmanovitz Hall Media Center, San Francisco, CA

This project had an audio studio, media lab, video demonstration and video production rooms adjacent to each other and a student lobby. It required significant sound isolation, extremely low background noise levels, uniform-field interior spaces with controlled reflections and HVAC noise control. Mei Wu Acoustics was responsible for all the acoustical issues.

D. E. Shaw & Co. Boardroom, New York, NYD. E. Shaw & Co. Boardroom, New York, NY

This 40-person boardroom with teleconferencing capability demands excellent room acoustics for speech intelligibility and sound isolation for speech privacy while maintaining the modern aesthetic of an international capital investment firm. Isolation from adjacent conference rooms and the reception area through all paths including the HVAC system was necessary for acoustical privacy. MWA was responsible for all the acoustic issues.

Loyola Marymount University Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA

This 300 seat auditorium is part of a large addition to LMU’s campus. We built a computerized model of the space using the program CATT-Acoustics and we were able to understand the acoustics of the future space. This aided in our design of the acoustic finishes and the sound control of the HVAC system located underneath the seats.

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Auditorium, Menlo Park, CA

This Stanford research facility contains a large auditorium. We established design criteria for noise and vibration of this building. We provided sound isolation, acoustical treatment, wall, ceiling, and MEP equipment design and recommendations.

DigiDesign LC Control Room, Daly City, CA

Hoover Institute recording studio at Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

Philo Television editing studio, San Francisco, CA

Bang & Olufsen showroom, San Jose, CA

Nvidia video conference room, San Jose, CA

Cisco Systems teleconference rooms, San Jose, CA

SJSU Success Center, San Jose, CA

Other Corporate Boardrooms and Video/Teleconferencing: