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The following are typical acoustical and vibration issues associated with civic and culture projects:

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Worship Spaces

Our work with worship spaces varies from problem solving in existing buildings to full-range acoustical consulting for large new buildings. The following are a few recent examples of worship space projects.

Living World Christian Center Sanctuary, Milpitas, CALiving World Christian Center Sanctuary, Milpitas, CA

This new 10,000-square-foot sanctuary was designed for good speech intelligibility as well as musical performance acoustics while meeting the aesthetic requirements of a worship space. Acoustical separation as well as noise control of the rooftop HVAC unit was also achieved.

Abundant Life Church, Cupertino, CAAbundant Life Church, Cupertino, CA

At full capacity, the sanctuary seats 225 people. Our primary task was to reduce the ambient noise while maintaining a reverberation time that yields acceptable speech intelligibility. To accomplish this, we used a combination of field tests, calculations, and simulations to determine proper placement of the PA system and acoustic wall treatments.

Chapel of Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, Grand Rapids, MIChapel of Helen DeVos Children's Hospital, Grand Rapids, MI

The chapel of Helen DeVos Children's Hospital featured a spiraling outer wall and skylight which required special care to avoid sound focusing effects. We worked closely with the architect and wall manufacturer to build a customized product which would fit both the aesthetic and acoustic needs of the space.

Holy Trinity Church, California.Holy Trinity Church, California.

Holy Trinity Church was having problems balancing their speech intelligibility needs and their desire for a music-friendly space. We were able to provide them with recommendations to balance these two and also maintain the aesthetic quality of their sanctuary.

Everlasting Church Sanctuary, Milpitas, CA

St. Augustine Church, Scotts Valley, CA

Retail Spaces

We have completed the acoustic consulting projects on the following retail spaces

Retail Spaces

Oak Shadows Building, Palo Alto, CA
Whipple Retail Building, San Mateo, CA
Mercados Suviando, San Jose, CA


Hollywood Wax Museum, Los Angeles, CAHollywood Wax Museum, Los Angeles, CA

This 43,000-square-foot wax museum is on Hollywood Boulevard next to the Chinese Theater. It has two underground parking floors and three above-ground museum floors. Our work included HVAC system noise control as well as a floor vibration study regarding the impact of floor vibration generated by visitors in the museum and vehicles on the parking levels.

Hotels, Restaurants and Country Clubs

MWA has completed the acoustic consulting projects on the following restaurants and country clubs

Restaurants and Country Clubs

Cannery Row Hotel, Montery, CA
Hilten Hotel, San Francisco, CA
Pico Hall Hotel, Los Angeles, CA
Ingomar Club, Eureka, CA
Saddle Rack Bar, Fremont, CA
Saggio Hill Development, Healdsburg, CA
Palo Alto Hills Country Club, Palo Alto, CA
University Club, Palo Alto, CA
Santana Row Restaurant, San Jose, CA
Tarboosh Restaurant, Redwood City, CA
Miss Café Restaurant, San Jose, CA