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The following are typical acoustical and vibration issues associated with corporate office projects:

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Our work with office buildings varies from problem solving in existing buildings to full scale acoustical consulting on large new developments. The following is a partial list of buildings we have worked on.

A Major Silicon Valley Company - This project involves a new design for a corporate campus of over 600,000 square feet; including offices, conference rooms, testing facilities, full kitchen and cafeteria, and engineering labs. We are providing building façade design, architectural sound isolation, and room acoustics for key spaces. We are also providing MEPT noise and vibration control for interior spaces and analyzing the noise from mechanical equipment.

Coleman Highline, San Jose, CA – This large office complex contains two buildings, one four stories with 125,000 square feet and the other six stories with 200,000 square feet. The office complex is located directly across from the San Jose International Airport and the San Jose Earthquake's Stadium. After using a highly developed monitoring system to log noise data from the airport, we designed the building's façade and selected the right building materials to control the outside noise to meet design criteria. We also provided noise and vibration control to all of the major MEP systems.

Gilead Headquarters Office Building, Foster City, CA – The Gilead Conference Center is a 300,000-square-foot 10 story structure. Some key spaces include executive offices, conferencing spaces, café, open office spaces, and training rooms. We provided building façade design, room acoustics and sound isolation review, noise and vibration control MEP systems, and an environmental noise study.

SLAC Science and User Support Building, Stanford University – This four story 50,000-square-foot building is an office building with an auditorium. We provided sound isolation and acoustical treatment guidance for the design on this building. As well as MEP noise and vibration control, HVAC review, and building façade design.

PDF Solutions, San Jose, CA – This building was planning on installing a vibration sensitive silicon wafer measurement laboratory. However, the building is adjacent to a light rail intersection, a trafficked road, and above a parking garage. We provided a vibration study and determined whether this location was suitable for the installation of this equipment.

Facebook, Menlo Park, CA – The Modular Data Center had large air handling units installed to cool two large data server halls. We analyzed the noise these air handling units would produce and aided them to achieve their design criteria.

Adobe, San Jose, CA – The CEO's office had a few speech intelligibility issues with the neighboring offices. We conducted speech intelligibility measurements and provided mitigation to eliminate the sound from leaking from one office to another.

Abbott Building C

AMAT Building 12

Bank of America Money Counting Center

BoDo Buildings 7 and 8, Boise

Cell Genesys, South San Francisco, CA

Cisco Buildings 14, 19, and H

Civic Park Buildings G and R2, Cupertino, CA

CooperVision, Pleasanton, CA

CV Therapeutics, Palo Alto, CA

Cypress Garden, San Jose, CA

De Shaw Executive Conference Room

Deloitte Office Expansion

Garden City Building, San Jose, CA

GLU Mobile Inc., San Mateo, CA

Hitachi Building 50, San Jose, CA

Jeppesen Building, San Jose, CA

Latham and Watkins Law Office, Menlo Park, CA

Livermore Water Agency

Lockheed Martin Buildings 154, 156A, 156G, 157, 214,

Marvell Semiconductors, Santa Clara, CA

Microsoft Offices

Net Appliances Building 3

Nvidia Building, Santa Clara, CA

Office Building at China Basin, San Francisco, CA

Panorama Capital Office

PG&E 32nd Conference Room

Polycom Offices

Rudolph & Sletten Headquarters

San Jose Civic Center

Sand Hill Road Development

Seagate Conference Rooms, Scotts Valley

Social Security Administration Building, San Francisco

Stanford Research Institute Buildings E and T

State Fund Building, Oakland, CA

Sun Microsystems Building 12, Newark, CA

Symantec Tucson AZ

University Plaza, East Palo Alto, CA

VIZ LLC Office, San Francisco, CA

Xilinx Buildings 2, 3 and 5

Yahoo AG-1 Building, Santa Clara, CA