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Mei Wu is a Board Certified Institute of Noise Control Engineering (INCE) member, with over 20 years’ experience in construction noise and vibration evaluations and equipment. Mei Wu Acoustics is a certified MBE/WBE/SDB/DBE/UDBE small business enterprise.

Outdoor Event Sound Monitoring:

The overall goal of this type of projects is to meet the local noise ordinance, avoid all possible noise complaints while maintaining the quality and integrity of the event. Our sophisticated monitoring system was developed to not only record live sound information in a variety of ways but can also provide live updates when sound overages are reached. We can use this system to determine the sound levels at specific locations in relation to the sources and provide real time feedback to the event production team.

Insomniac, CA

This large music festival Insomniac Inc. had received a number of noise complaints from the nearby residential areas. We established noise criteria based on the ambient sound levels and the maximum allowable levels determined by the San Bernardino Residential Code. We developed a sophisticated noise study by monitoring sound for three days in several locations and relaying this information to the production team and helping them to meet the noise code, reduce noise complaints while meeting the audience expectation at the music event. We have been monitoring major Insomniac events since 2012.

Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Greek Theatre is a 5,870-seat music venue located at Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California. Live Nation used our consulting services to determine the sound levels during a concert that may impact on the adjacent residential properties. After taking ambient measurements in three locations during a concert and while there was no show in process, we analyzed the noise data and reported a detailed noise description of each monitoring location.

Kimson Meditation Center, Watsonville, CA

This meditation center has large events that attracts thousands of people and the noise that comes with a crowd. We conducted sound measurements in three different locations during one of these events to monitor the noise at the center’s property lines. We found that the noise emitted did not violate local noise codes.

Automated Wireless Monitoring Systems:

Where continuous monitoring is required, we have developed an automated monitoring system for real-time data access and triggering.

Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore, Oakland, CA

We prepared the Noise Control Plan for this $391M construction project and are providing construction noise monitoring at 10 monitoring stations around the project site using our automated wireless system. The systems’ high level automation achieves cost savings by eliminating personnel in situ. The archived data and audio recordings are evidence in case of future dispute. The system has been operating since May 2010. Please visit the Caldecott website to review the noise monitoring results. Caldecott Tunnel Fourth Bore, CA

Lawrence Station, Toronto, Canada

This subway station construction site is located next to a 6-story residential building. Piles are to be installed just feet away from the building foundation. We are providing an fully automatic wireless monitoring system with four vibration monitoring stations and one noise monitoring station for the project. The system monitors noise and vibration from construction, compares the results with criteria, sends text messages to the construction team if a criterion is exceeded, generates daily reports, and archives monitoring results.

Features of the Automated Monitoring System

  • Real Time Website – Live time-averaged and maximum sound and vibration data transmitted wirelessly via a 3G connection to a website where sound levels are graphed and archived.
  • Instantaneous Alarm – Text message (SMS) to mobile phone and/or e-mail when the criteria are exceeded.
  • Audio Recordings – Audio recordings of exceedance events posted on website for sound source identification.
  • Fully Customizable Set-ups – Each sound and vibration monitoring system sends data to the website. Up to 30 monitors operating simultaneously. Number and locations of monitors adaptable to meet specific project needs.
  • The sound monitoring system is featured in an article published at Noise-Con 2011. "Automatic wireless sound monitoring system and its application at Caldecott Tunnel"

More information is available in our video

Baseline Assessment and Noise and Vibration Control Plan:

We have experience performing initial noise and vibration evaluation and developing a Noise and Vibration Control Plan with the construction team to meet construction requirements.

Sunset Playground and Cayuga Playground

We have worked with the SF DPW on one vibration (Sunset) and one noise and vibration (Cayuga) monitoring project. We performed monitoring and prepared the Noise/Vibration Control Plan to assess the impact of construction activities on adjacent residential buildings in San Francisco. We compared ambient traffic and construction source noise/vibration to the trigger levels listed in the city specifications. The studies were delivered to the DPW as baseline noise/vibration data and as evidence that the monitoring plan as initially specified could be scaled back based on low construction noise/vibration levels.

Propagation Analysis:

For cases where we cannot directly measure impact, we have scientific prediction methods to establish noise and vibration impact and required mitigation.

Gladstone Building

This 6-story Mission Bay research building houses vibration sensitive tools and was 250ft and 80ft from a construction site and railway respectively. Based on site vibration measurements and structural calculations, we predicted the vibration from the railway and construction activities transmitted through ground to the building foundation and columns to the laboratory floor. We recommended vibration mitigation where necessary. The vibration study cut construction costs by allowing pile driving to be performed near the Gladstone building.

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